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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kampung Desa Temu Jodoh - Segamat, Johor

The name is definitely Kampung Desa Temu Jodoh’s (Meet Your Match Village) main attraction.

Just 20 kilometres away from Yong Peng, this village situated in Chaah was opened almost 30 years ago.

“The land was cleared by the participants of the Kampung Sungai Lenek Youth Land Scheme — young bachelors aged 18 to 24.I was one of the 60 participants. We were given a monthly allowance of RM60. It was just enough for food and we barely had any left over to woo a girl. So for three to four years, all of us remained single and dateless,” says Paiman.”
When a similar land scheme was introduced for females, the men began to pair up with the women.

“Twenty-four couples commited their wedding vows at the Segamat mosque, and had their mass reception ceremony the same evening. A huge dais was built on a football pitch to accommodate the couples, including my wife and I,” Paiman says fondly.
“During his closing speech, Osman spontaneously referred to the village as Desa Temu Jodoh.

“There were a few people who weren’t too happy with the name but eventually it began to grow on everyone,” says Paiman.

“There is a school here named Sekolah Kebangsaan Desa Temu Jodoh. Maybe the children one day will marry their school sweethearts and we can organise an even bigger mass wedding!”